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One year after the initial release of the SCP Newborn Posing Guide, I started another adventure…. the creation of SCP’s Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography. Photographers from all over the world fell in love with the first guide… I heard success stories, saw the most amazing before-and-afters and formed our own community in our private facebook group where I could give continued education and constructive criticism.  And then I decided I wanted to do more. I wanted to offer more of my knowledge, more details, more assistance. I fell in love with the idea that people were truly going after their dreams with the assistance of the first guide and I was determined to help get them closer. And thus began the start of Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography. I added instructional videos… videos that I narrated so I could explain exactly what I was doing in every pose. Pairing this with the guide that contains detailed instructions with 175+ behind-the-scenes pictures, the guide transformed from a guide to an entire workshop… a workshop that you can watch and read over and over until you have mastered this art I have so fallen in love with. I also listened to what people wanted added to the guide… I included strategies to increase traffic on your website and a bonus feature (with the help of my amazing internet consultant that specializes in photogs) – an entire section devoted to the best SEO practices for photographers. Finally, I added a section on a suggested editing workflow… exactly what I do from the second I download the images to my camera after a session. (I opted not to include the specific edits I make on my newborn images as I reserve those just for my workshop attendees.) This guide took me over four months to create. I kept packing in more information, fine-tuning each section until – from start to finish – I knew I had created the most comprehensive tool for a newborn photographer. So continue going after your dreams, believing in yourself and working as hard as you can to do what you truly want to do in your life….

The 90+ page guide is filled with the following information:

* studio and lighting setup, what I use for each newborn session (dimensions of posing blankets, etc…), how to schedule your newborn session and directions to give parents

* shooting strategies (ideal settings, etc…), angles, soothing tricks and how to perfect the poses

* the exact posing order to follow during your session with 17 poses (with 175+ behind-the-scenes pictures paired with step-by-step detailed instructions)

* 16 instructional videos with voice-over narration for each one (where you actually see the pose from start to finish)

* tips to grow your business, how to increase traffic on your website/blog and a special bonus feature – best SEO practices for photographers

* suggested workflow for editing

* all my favorite vendors and where I get all of my goodies

** access to a private fb forum for continued education where you can ask more questions, get tons of follow up advice, receive constructive criticism from myself and get more exclusive SCP guidance!!

Some reviews from the early launch:

from Ashley [Ashley Ireland Photography]:
“I am flabbergasted on how much information she is giving away! Not only do you get info from the original guide, but you get to watch her do EVERY pose hands on with her voice telling you each and every move and trick….It is like attending a workshop in your very own home!  My only complaint is that I didn’t have this years ago when I started my business! It literally is a BREAK THROUGH in newborn photography! You will see how much time she put into this – she is literally giving everything away! A MUST, MUST, MUST for any serious photographer wanting to develop and strengthen their newborn photography skills.”

from Stacy, [Golden Photography]:
“For those debating about the new guide: just do it. The videos are amazing – it’s like peeking over her shoulder and she tells you exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. The section on angles I found really awesome along with the last few pages that have tips on SEO and how she grew her business (hello new referral program). It’s seriously just like a workshop, which I have been lucky enough to attend one of hers in the past (and I am hosting her this coming weekend). I am so excited that I can now just go back and replay the ones I need to focus on any time I want.  Do a weekend of minis and you’ll more than cover it!!! I can’t wait to go have the time to go back and study each section to nail each of my poses!”

from Jennifer, [Jennifer Veitch Photography]:
“You need this guide. Girls, she shows you every-single-pose in real time video. Every one!!! All those questions about “how to place the roll, what is the roll, how to roll the roll, whats under your blankets”, are answered!! She shows prop videos, wrapped flokati video, sibling videos, momma posing…… the works!!! Its truly unbelievable. A work of art and so so very easy to follow. There is so much more then videos on posing, SEO help, business tips to her vendors and her culling workflow. Stephanie is pretty much giving away her secrets….now you can see how the baby reacts to Stephanie’s touch and movement. You can giggle along with the video when she has to, yet again, line those feet up because baby moved them (this ALWAYS happens to me). It’s the best investment you will make. I can’t wait to re watch it.”

from Ashley [Sweet Lil Pics by Ashley]:
“I went to a workshop last summer but felt like I have gotten a little lazy on my posing lately and really needed a refresher course, I had even started looking for attending another workshop. Forget that, I have all I need in the new guide! Thank you so much and it really was genius doing videos because it’s like being at a workshop again and I love that I can go back and watch them any time I need too!”

from Rikki [Rikki Knight Photography]:
“All I can say is WOW! Stephanie, you are absolutely amazing. Anyone who is questioning buying the new guide…there is no question about it BUY IT!!!! In my opinion it is considerably under priced. The amount of knowledge throughout the guide is astonishing! I had the pleasure of joining a talented group of girls in June for the Columbus workshop. After 7 months I was starting to get stuck on a few of the poses, after watching this it brought everything back. Anytime you get stuck now all you have to do is open the guide. I can’t wait for my next session this week! Thank you, thank you, thank you Stephanie, you are the BEST!!!!”

from Kelly Lloyd:
“OH.MY.GOODNESS, Stephanie I am simply amazed by this guide!!! I had actually made the decision to quit doing babies after the 2 horrible newborn sessions I had…my only 2 haha…but you’ve renewed my hope & inspired me to not give up! Thank you again for doing the videos…so much easier to understand by seeing your movements! God bless you!!!”

from Stephanie, [Simply Sisters Photography]:
“Okay……so if anyone is on the fence about purchasing Stephanie’s new guide, SCP Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography, jump off of that fence and buy it as soon as it’s available for the discount price – which is a bargain! I just started reading it and just watched the first video and it is AAAAAAMAZING! I attended Stephanie’s workshop in Columbus this past June. Needless to say, I loved every moment. But, you know how with time, you forget the little tips that help. Well this will bring all of that right back to you. And for those of you that haven’t attended a workshop, do so if you can. If not, this guide is absolutely perfect. Stephanie, I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work in putting this together.”

from Jen Lechelt:
“ If you are having any second thoughts about purchasing this guide, don’t!! I just finished going through it and I am amazed at all of the info Stephanie has shared with us! The videos are sooooo helpful! I am so excited for my next newborn shoot, but for now will be studying, studying, studying! Thank you so much for putting this together for us! You’re the best!”

from Jessica, [Jessica Ryane Photography]:
“Oh! My! Gosh! Bought the guide……the videos…oh the videos!!!!!!! I am only a few pages in and am already amazed. I have a feeling I will be up all night reading through it and watching the videos.”

from Emily [Emily Elrod Photography]:
“Love Love Love SCP Mastering the Art of Newborn Photographyand I haven’t even made it 1/2 way through Stephanie! I love how you make it look so effortless and I normally have broken a sweat and look like a three ring circus! Looking forward to my next newborn session! Thanks again! I Heart U!!! Hope I get to meet you one day!”

from Robyn E.:
“I just wanted to say how amazing your newborn guide is with the videos. You dont know how appreciative I am at being able to view you in action with these babies when a trip to America to go to a live workshop was just not an option for me. You truly are a beautiful person to be sharing your tips and tricks in an industry that is often so guarded.
SCP – Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography = AMAZING!!”

A few previews…


By purchasing this, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions.  Please read the FAQ as well.
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