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Soon after the release of the Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography eWorkshop, I started brainstorming the next adventure. I listened to what my attendees needed more help with, heard stories of sessions that so many of you struggled with, and began the process of creating the next product, Mastering the Art of Twin Newborn Photography.  I took all the components that you loved from the first eWorkshop – the methodical approach to the session, the exact steps to follow, the correct movements to make, the treasured posing order – and created the same type of system for the twin newborn session.   I guide you through the process of limiting the number of movements you need to make on the babies so that you can maximize their sleep together.  Not only will this provide you a systematic approach to your twin newborn session, but it will ultimately transform the way you approach and conduct your posing and assist you in truly mastering the art of the twin newborn session.

The 50+ page eWorkshop is filled with the following information:

* studio setup, including what I use for the twin newborn session, how I layer the posing beanbag, dimensions of my posing throws for under the backdrops, etc…

* how to schedule your twin newborn session and detailed directions to give parents on how to prepare for the session

* twin shooting strategies (ideal settings, etc…) and soothing tricks

* the exact posing order to follow during your session that helps you maximize the number of poses you are able to do given the time period in which both babies are sleeping

* 13 instructional videos with voice-over narration for each one (where you actually see the pose from start to finish)

* step-by-step instructions that outline each pose and provide a great resource to keep near you during your session

* prop and parent posing included

* all my favorite vendors and where I get all of my goodies for my sessions

** access to a private fb forum for continued education where you can ask more questions, get tons of follow up advice, receive constructive criticism from myself and get more exclusive SCP guidance!!

Cost: $250 (bundle together with Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography and save by clicking here)

  • Janarra BealsMarch 23, 2015 - 10:03 pm

    I LOVE you! Well your work! Haha you make it look so wonderful. As I started last year, I had really doubted myself although I have always wanted to do this with my life! I was just never brave enough… You are so encouraging and I would LOVE to learn as much from you as I possibly can! Thanks so much for all you do!!!ReplyCancel

  • kreditkarte bei negativer schufaOctober 19, 2016 - 4:22 pm

    Många kramar till dig & familjen! Rolig och grattis till Isac och Jörgen!! Hoppas också du får en skön dag idag och att kroppen vill. Tankar till er! Kram Katrin B i götet.ReplyCancel

  • cliparwolf.comOctober 28, 2016 - 12:59 am

    Es cierto. Un fraude esta "nieve". Pasa que todos nos quedamos con las ganas de repetir el 9 de julio de hace 2 años.Tiene razón idont. Si la nieve no viene a vos, buscala. Los Penitentes son hermosos y ahí nomás tenés el Puente del Inca, dos pájaros de un tiro.ReplyCancel

  • kfz versicherung für junge fahrerFebruary 5, 2017 - 6:36 pm

    Det er da helt forståeligt at i flygter fra larmen. Det ville jeg da også gøre hvis jeg havde sådan et skønt sted at flygte til. Håber I har nydt det og også nydt at passe den lille.God weekend :-)ReplyCancel

  • welche nummer für autoversicherungFebruary 13, 2017 - 6:12 pm

    How To Fix A Flat Tire Anywhere…he mentions “in the field” multiple? times yet the demo is in a freaking garage under ideal conditions!! So, the moral of the story seems to be, get a flat “in the field” then, drive home to your garage, the tire off then, start this video!!LOLReplyCancel

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