SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshop: A Review

Within my business, if there is one thing I love more than just photographing newborns, it is teaching others how to photograph newborns at my workshops… I honestly love, LOVE getting to know each small group of individuals over the course of one or two days… love teaching them EVERYTHING about the art of newborn photography and even better…. I LOVE being able to see how they improve after the workshop.  One of the greatest perks after the workshop is being able to join both the SCP Newborn Mentoring Group on facebook and the SCP Newborn Posing Guide group (anyone that attends a workshops receives the posing guide as well).  Aside from receiving constructive criticism on current work from myself and all the individuals in the group, past attendees can also ask questions, get advice, vent, and receive more guidance.   I find it extremely important to utilize this group after a workshop because continued education is how we all can continue to grow and improve… and I know all the attendees have been loving the group as well!

I believe pictures can sometimes be stronger than words so check out the AMAZING progress that one of my former attendees has made thus far in her career… truly remarkable!

In regard to the SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshops, Penny Layne writes:

“One of the best investments you can make is developing yourself and your talent. Stephanie does a great job of both. She makes you feel welcome and you feel comfortable asking ANY questions even if its basic. She is super patient and makes sure that each person in the workshop has equal chance to ask questions, take pictures and get the most out of their experience. The post processing was great, I learned so many additional details about how to speed up my workflow. It will be a real time saver. Stephanie is FANTASTIC, do not hesitate to invest in yourself by attending a workshop.

The ability to shadow someone you admire and who is successful in their field is hands down the best. I loved the small class size, the flow of how we referenced the guide during the posing, and the post processing tips. You will learn how to do an entire newborn session, with plenty of shot choices for the parents, with minimal disruption to the baby within a reasonable amount of time.

Our workshop was such a great group of girls, I am glad that I was able to build my network within the industry and I think Stephanie is the BEST!”

Visit Penny on her facebook page here.

The 2014 SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshop in St. Louis will be announced soon!  Visit the facebook page here to find out first.

The December 14 and 15 workshop in Florida is completely booked!

A few spots remain for Chicago!  Details here

And if you can’t make a workshop, the next best thing is the SCP Newborn Posing Guide which.. as some as the reviews will tell you… is almost like being right there with me in a workshop (it’s that crazy detailed!)

Thanks so much to Penny for letting me share your progress…. I know you will continue to do great things!

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