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As if I couldn’t love photographing newborns more, it’s just icing on the cake when I get to teach others something I am so passionate about… I LOVE my SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshops.. love.them.  I get a chance to meet an AMAZING group of ladies and teach – really teach – them to do what I do… and I don’t really just graze (read: I don’t graze at all) the surface (as you will see from some of the reviews)… I share it all, answer any and all questions and truly care about helping these individuals improve.  Here are a few things that some of this past workshop attendees had to say about our workshop… and, of course, a few images of our gorgeous models from the weekend.

“The SCP Newborn Workshop was the best investment I have made for my business. I have been searching for a photographer who provided a workshop that would be a good ‘fit’ for me. When I saw the posting for the Newborn Mentoring Workshop, I knew this was the one I had to do. The SCP workshop was everything I needed to take my skills to the next level. It was packed with more information than I could have hoped for (and honestly would have taken years for me to learn on my own!). It’s given me a new confidence for my newborn photography skills. I’m still processing all the information that was given to us and so excited to put it to use. I can’t thank you enough for all that you put into it- it was truly an amazing day.”

“What I loved most was your willingness to be completely open and honest with us. No questions were off limits. It was amazing to have someone share so many details and specifics on what has made your brand successful. I loved that you stopped and took time to go over our photos after we took them and gave instant feedback and suggestions. We were then able to shoot the setups again and receive more feedback. This was invaluable and gave me the most confidence on what I was doing right and ways I could make improvements.”

“Your workshop touches all aspects on Newborn Photography in detail.  From scheduling, posing, editing, selling, packaging and customer follow up.  Your workshop taught me more in one day then the multiple books and videos I have purchased.  The information you share in this workshop will be used in all aspects of my Photography business.  I love knowing if I have any kind of question now or in the future I have you to turn to.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone interested in this type of Photography.”

“Stephanie’s personality was welcoming, and sweet. Within the first 15 minutes I knew this would be a good experience. One that I would feel comfortable asking any question without feeling silly. I think everyone was amazed how quickly she got each newborn into certain poses, and explained things in a way that was easy to process & remember. I also think a major thing was that she took time after each set up/pose to check our work, and give actual feedback on it. Things she liked, things to improve, etc.  Each person was allowed time to get a few photographers of each pose, and wasn’t rushed. If the baby got out of pose right before the last one was finished she would repose the baby just for a couple extra shots. No rushing, and complete patience with everyone.

My only regret is not booking the 2nd day. Thanks so much for an amazing experience. I already see growth in my photos, and I’m now so excited for my future & what’s to come.”

“The workshop was just fantastic. I had a great time with all of the girls even though I was the beginner of the group. At first I was nervous to take part of a workshop with a group for fear it would be difficult to get the help I needed. It actually worked out as a benefit because now I met some amazing girls that I can bounce questions off of. I was impressed at your ability to answer questions that were coming at you from all different angles without getting visibly overwhelmed. I appreciated your truthful feedback in addition to your positive feedback when we finally got it right. The positive words really help when you are trying to learn and are getting frustrated that you aren’t getting the image just right.”

“What I loved most about the workshop was your willingness to share information and to answer questions. For those of us attending, we want to improve so badly and it was wonderful to have you impart your knowledge without question.”

“If I’m being totally honest, I’m not sure there is anything that could have been done differently. I was able to get one-on-one instruction in a group setting, given instant feedback on settings and how to frame the subject to improve the shot. I appreciate that we were able to ask anything and you didn’t hold back. I’m sure that it is hard for some people to share what they have worked so hard to build. You shared without hesitation. You continue to be available even after the workshop. I’m so thankful.”

“One of the best investments you can make is developing yourself and your talent. Stephanie does a great job of both. She makes you feel welcome and you feel comfortable asking ANY questions even if its basic. She is super patient and makes sure that each person in the workshop has equal chance to ask questions, take pictures and get the most out of their experience. The post processing was great, I learned so many additional details about how to speed up my workflow. It will be a real time saver. Stephanie is FANTASTIC, do not hesitate to invest in yourself by attending a workshop.

The ability to shadow someone you admire and who is successful in their field is hands down the best. I loved the small class size, the flow of how we referenced the guide during the posing, and the post processing tips. You will learn how to do an entire newborn session, with plenty of shot choices for the parents, with minimal disruption to the baby within a reasonable amount of time.”

Such an amazing group of girls…. So excited to continue to watch you all grow!! xoxox


Interested in attending a SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshop?   Email

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

Columbus, Ohio:  June 1 – BOOKED

Columbus, Ohio: June 3 – BOOKED

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – details coming soon… December 2013.

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