SCP Newborn Posing Guide – Now available for purchase

I can’t even begin to tell you about how excited I am about this project. But let me try…

Maybe you are just beginning or perhaps you are more established, but whatever your background, we are both already bonded by one thing – our love for capturing those perfect little newborns. Several years ago, I was like many of you – a mom with a nice camera and a vision to take gorgeous, stunning photographs of newborns… not only did I want to capture all of their perfect little parts, but I wanted to create art… art that families could forever treasure. And by practicing (and making mistakes) and practicing some more, I was able to fine-tune the art of the SCP Newborn Session.

When I started holding my SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshops, I fell in love with teaching others to do what I do (this is probably due in part to my years teaching high school math) and thus began the start of designing and creating the SCP Newborn Posing Guide. Not only does this guide provide you with step-by-step instructions of newborn poses (and when I say step-by-step, I mean I lay out each photograph and describe in detail what to do and how to transition to next move), but it also gives you advice on scheduling the newborn sessions, prepping parents, soothing techniques, shooting strategies, perfecting each pose, posing order, my studio setup and of course, where I get all of my favorite session goodies. This is literally my entire newborn mentoring workshop, all of my secrets, my strategies, my tips, my knowledge on something I am so entirely passionate about…. poured into one document.

Had something like this been around when I first took on this “newborn photographer” title, it most likely would have saved me days and weeks (and months!) of time. And perhaps that is my biggest reason for wanting to share this with all of you… because it’s not that you won’t have to still practice (because you will!) but this guide will provide you with the tools necessary to create this amazing newborn art… it will lay out every detail from when the parent books the session to your studio setup to poses that you will learn to do (in the right way, the right order) so that you, too, can feel confident in your newborn sessions and the work you can produce.

I’m a big believer that dreams can come true (no matter how little or how big) if you believe in yourself and in your ability. Combine this with the proper knowledge and you are taking the first steps to becoming better at what you do. So whether you are new to this whole art and are ready to try your first newborn session or if you are ready to truly take your work to the next level, I do believe in you and I do believe in the power of the guide.

The 58 page guide is filled with the following information:

* studio and lighting setup

* what I use for each newborn session (dimensions of posing blankets, etc…)

* scheduling your newborn session and directions to give parents

* shooting strategies (ideal settings, etc…)

* soothing tricks

* how to perfect the poses

* the exact posing order to follow during your session

* step-by-step instructions (with pictures and a plethora of detailed information) for 14 of my favorite poses

* all my favorite vendors and where I get all of my goodies


* The SCP Newborn Posing Guide is $375.

* The first 50 people will receive $100 off of this price  by using code “scprocks”

* Everyone else that purchases the guide by Friday, January 11 8:00 pm csp will receive $50 off of this price by using code “scp50”.

Please note:  This is an introductory sale and the guide will not be discounted in the future.

Review Holly T:  “Wow Stephanie it looks amazing! I have bought several posing guides but they have nothing that remotely come close. You should be proud. Seriously amazing. Thank you for sharing with me….I can see your apprehension about selling it. It does have everything!”

Review Lucy O – “”I knew after attending the SCP newborn mentoring workshop I had made a great investment into my photography. I learned so much and felt really confident about taking on more newborn sessions… and then I had a newborn session! I found myself wishing I had a tiny Stephanie (if she could get any tinier, right?) sitting on my shoulder telling me to keep calm and carry on. All my prayers have been answered with the SCP newborn posing guide! It’s the next best thing to having Stephanie at every newborn session with you. She demonstrates and explains every detail you could possibly need to get started and perform all of those adorable poses safely. This posing guide is an essential aid for anyone starting to photograph newborns or looking to improve their techniques. I promise this guide is worth every penny!”

(thanks to Donna Harris for all of the background shots of me for the guide!!)

How sweet are my models for the guide??? Much love to Hayven, Harloe & Alizee. …. and to their mommas – for following all of my instructions precisely so that I had three very sleepy, well fed babies to play with!

SCP Newborn Posing Guide



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