Life Right Now.

Memorial Day is around the corner which means in no time at all I will be enjoying summer concerts, the smell of sweet babies smothered in sunscreen, no-nap-days full of swimming pools and popsicles and the occasional seven o’clock pm meltdown…

As I dive into a full spring shooting schedule and a few added SCP Newborn Mentoring Workshops (Hello, New York!), I feel so content with the fact that I have stayed true to not overbooking myself here in St. Louis.  Why, you ask?   These sweet babies.


Aside from absolutely loving my job as a photographer, I love my role as their momma.  I live for their sweet hugs and kisses throughout the day, feel immensely proud of their tiny accomplishments, and strive to be the best mother that I can to them.  Am I always succeeding?  Goodness, no.   Audrey Rose still has a binky, seems incapable of staying in her new big-girl bed for an entire night and refused to play soccer at her first kickaroo the other day.  But rather have these moments define me as a momma, I choose to celebrate the good parts, the bits of our days that make me think that some how, some way I must be doing something right.  So what am I loving right now?

* New Shirts.  The little ones were quite excited to sport their new tees from Enjoy Essential.   What little girl doesn’t love a shirt that lists all of her favorite princesses?


* Hangry.  I asked Jacob if he knew what this meant and he responded with, “Yeah, Mom.  When you’re hungry and angry.”  I then asked him where he learned this and he said from his Aunt Lindsay.  Which made me laugh because Audrey asked Aunt Lindsay when she came over to our house the other day why is she always so hungry when she comes to our house (because the first thing she does is raid our pantry).  Hello, kid snacks.


* Big Sunglasses.  Because she is three.  And I wear them.  And if she doesn’t have something on her just like I am wearing, expect a classic #threenager meltdown.


*  The topknot.  Quite frankly, I prefer two piggies on her (two piggy buns to be exact) but when I shoot outdoors I generally shoot with a headband a big topknot which means Audrey has been sporting the same style lately.


* Hangry faces.  He ate three baby burger sandwiches for dinner, just shortly after snacking on yogurt, cheez-its and a chocolate chip muffie.  Growth spurt?


* Missing Teeth!  It happened within days of each other.  The first thanks to this momma (with the video to prove it!) and the second thanks to a one-day old Jimmy Johns sandwich.  I wasn’t quite ready for my almost-end-of-the-year kindergartner to start having visits from the tooth fairy but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think this smile was pretty stinking cute.


* This smile?  Not so much.  But here is a tip for all you mommas taking pictures of your kids.  When the big camera is out, it is imperative to take pictures that are equal parts smiles that you like and smiles like they do.  Win-win for everyone.

a21* Dance Moves.  Not every day is a happy day but it’s quite impossible to not smile around this one.


* Flowers.  Let’s be honest.  Winter was long and awful.  When these finally made their appearance on our front yard about a week ago, I celebrated.


* Afternoons outside.  Hopscotches and shadows.  Chalk-covered pants and late dinners because we needed just a few more minutes.


* Hanging with a six-year-old.  I always think I love whatever stage they are in the most, until a new year happens and I love it even more.  What I don’t love more?  The fact that he is almost too cool for kisses at school.  I ran something up to school that he had forgotten today and brought it to him during PE.  He came up to me and then walked away before giving me a kiss.  To which I of course said, “Jacob Allan, no kisses for your momma?”  He shrugged me off and started walking to join his friends when his amazing PE teacher brought him back over and explained to him that you always kiss your momma, even if you have to go around the corner to do it.  Which he did.


* Ferocious puppies.


* Sunshine and blue skies.  You will never hear me complain about the heat because I would choose warm weather any day over the cold.  I think days full of fresh air, flip-flops and outdoor activities make for happier people and while I joke about it, sometimes I think my family should worry about the fact that I may scoop up those babies and head south one winter.


* Half-painted hot pink nails.  And baby fingers.  And homemade necklaces that she can’t leave the house without.


* These babies.  He kisses her on the forehead every day before he gets out of the car for school.  She then yells out “I love you, Jacob,” generally paired with “Give me one more.”  He knows she will do this so he gives her one more and then tells her not to yell “I love you, Jacob!” when they open the car door for him.  Which she does.  Even louder.  Every day.  And it makes my heart melt.


Hope you and yours are having a wonderful week…

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