I’ll take BEAT childhood cancer for $400,000, please.

It doesn’t seem normal that a three-year-old with high risk neuroblastoma after just undergoing five chemo treatments would have enough energy to run around smiling, laughing, twirling, playing her little sister, and interacting with family and friends for hours… but then again, Roxie is not just any normal three-year-old.

She’s probably one of the most incredible little ones I’ve come across and her bravery, spirit, and overall demeanor never ceases to amaze me.  And you know what else amazes me?  Nights like the one we had on Saturday evening… where people came together with one common goal:  to raise money for childhood cancer research.

Walker baby.

So glad my little sister came along for the evening… she was just as excited as everyone else to receive her Team Roxie shirt last week.

This, my friends, is one special dad.

No, seriously, you aren’t dreaming… Miss Greta is really that stinking cute.

And big sister Sawyer.

And if you think having a kid with cancer means that child will completely eat up all your time, energy and love, you’re wrong.  Or you’re not Holly.  Because this momma has enough love for all four of her little ones, her husband, family and her friends.

Oh, this?  That’s Nick posing pre-shave.  What.. you think this family is all serious all the time just because they are going through this?

No way, man.  They live. it. up.  Because isn’t that what life is all about?

It was amazing to watch the entire Team Roxie crew head to stage… All together the team raised over $5000 with the entire event raising over $400,000…

Nick alone raised over $1600…

Rock star momma right there… the one on the right… I just am lucky enough to stick around for awesome nights like this to capture it all.  🙂

Roxie is currently in surgery right now…. updates can be found on facebook but here are the latest from Holly:

3:00 pm:  “The operating room just called, Roxie is stable and the surgeon is making progress.”

4:00 pm:  “The operating room called to let us know that Roxie has received a blood transfusion and that the surgeon has reached the trickier spot near the vessels and arteries. Roxie is still stable.”

Prayers for Roxie all day, everyday…

And to see a short clip from the evening, visit here.


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